Getting my Mac OS X iBook on the Internet with Bluetooth over GSM GPRS

You're sitting in a park. There's no 802.11b airport anywhere near, but you're surfing the Internet anyway on your iBook. Your GSM phone is acting as the modem but there are no wires; in fact, it's safely tucked away in your pocket. The only giveaway is a tiny USB dongle sticking out the side of your computer.

T-Mobile / Voicestream Internet plan GSM cellular network carrier, provides GPRS data service
Nokia 6310i GSM cellphone 900/1800/1900 world phone with GPRS and Bluetooth support (buy)
D-Link DWB-120M Bluetooth USB adapter wirelessly connects cellphone to iBook (buy)
Apple iBook running OS X Jaguar 10.2.3 I hear the next generation of TiBooks will have bluetooth built in...


20030611: T-Mobile now offers a $19.99 unlimited rate plan. To take advantage of the new plans you have to call them and initiate the switch yourself. If you signed up for a plan before now, call.

20021105: T-Mobile has repriced their Internet Plans.

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Here's what I did. Note: I am in the Philadelphia, PA area. YMMV in other zones.

If you want to do this under linux with an AirCard, see